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General Rules

Since The Poetry Forum operates under UK law it will not publish material which is racist, sexist, homophobic, libellous or that promotes paedophilia.

We ask that you post no more than two poems per day, and that for every poem you post, you comment on at least three other poems. All other areas of the forum are unrestricted. If you have a paid subscription, you can post three poems per day.

Threads started in the poetry showcases should only contain one poem per thread unless you have started a thread in the Series Forum. Poems must be clearly related.

Every forum thread should be created in the relevant forum and every post should be posted in the relevant thread. Irrelevant, off-topic posts and threads should not be posted.

No double posting. That is posting the same poem more than once. There are 2 exceptions to this rule:

1. If you post a poem in the critique or feedback forums, you can post the finalized version into the appropriate poetry category.

2. During poetry contests, after a contest is over, and winners have been announced you can post your entry into the appropriate poetry category.

Refrain from bumping your own works unless you have a paid membership, in which case you can bump twice a month. Bumping is the act of posting *bump* or some other message intended to get your poems back to the top of the listings. Posting replies to other members or thanks for comments received is not considered the same as bumping.

Because The Poetry Forum is open to members of all ages, we ask that when posting a poem that has strong language, sexual content or other material inappropriate to minors to post a warning either within the title or at the top of your post, as members of all ages may be reading. The exception to this rule is when posting in any of the mature/18 years + forums.

NO FLAMING! Do not engage in personal arguments. Do not be rude or insulting to others. If you disagree with a poem, or comment to a poem, you are welcome to share your opinion in a way that is RESPECTFUL! Threads which descend into childish name calling will be subject to moderation and maybe closed.

If you want to post advertisements and/or links to other poetry sites then only do so in the Self Promotion Forum posts anywhere else will be moved or deleted. If you have a personal poetry site or blog you may include this in your signature.

If you wish for other members to comment upon your work, than return the favour please. Take the time to read and comment upon the works of others.

Critique Setting

In the feedback forums, please specify what kind of critique you are after (for example: serious critique, light critique, about the structure, choice of words, etc), because it makes it easier for not only you but for the people who reply to your thread. Please only post material here if you feel able to bear peoples frank and honest opinions. DO NOT post here if you are likely to get upset at people finding fault with your writing. Poems posted outside the Critique forum should be subject to the indicator under the authors name. The indications are as follows:

Red - No Critique: Any poems posted by this person outside the Critique forum will only receive comments of a positive nature.

Orange - Light Critique: Helpful, encouraging suggestions are welcome, pointing out typos and grammar etc is also welcome.

Green - Full Critique: This member has signalled that deep and constructive critique is desired.

Failure to comply with any of the rules once will earn a warning. If after being warned you continue to disobey the rules you will be given an infraction. 3 infractions in a row for the same offence will earn you a temporary suspension. Continuing the same behaviour after a suspension will lead to permanent ban.


Each member is only allowed one account. If a member is discovered to be running more than one account the site moderators are entitled to close one or more of the offending accounts.

If you have lost the password to your existing account don't start a new one. Use the contact us link at the bottom of any page on the forum and tell us your username we will reset the password for you. If you can't remember your username then tell us the email account you signed up with and we will find the account for you.

Profile images - Since this is a site that caters to members of all ages it is necessary to make sure that unsuitable images don't appear in areas that are accessible to younger members. If a profile image is considered to be unsuitable it will be removed by the moderation team and you will be informed of the reason why.

Signatures - Inline with the rules on profile images it is important that signatures don't contain images or links to material that is unsuitable for younger members of the site. Such images or links will be removed by the moderation team and you will be informed of the reason why.

Dealing With Issues

Reminders or warnings from forum moderators should be discussed with that moderator in private, not in public inside forum posts. If you cannot resolve the issue with the moderator you may escalate it privately to the site administrators. The administrators' decisions are final, if they feel you have a point they will address this privately with the moderator in question. If they don't feel you have a point this will be considered the end of the matter.

If a forum post is against rules, you should not reply, quote it or discuss it inside the forum. Instead you should click "report this post" icon and notify forum moderators to take over. If it doesn't break forum rules but you consider it offensive in some way then again report it.

If you have an issue with the way the forum is run or you feel that someone is mis-using the forum to target you in some way then start a new thread in the Contact The Management forum . Do not use the troubleshooting forum or any other area of the forum to discuss this.

If any word in your post is replaced by *** this means it is in our filter list, do not try to bypass the filter by writing it in a different way such as replacing vowels with symbols. If you don't want swear words to be filtered then you can turn the filter off in your UserCP.

If you receive a private message or email from another user, you should not post it publicly without prior consent of the sender. If you have a problem regarding this you can not resolve with the sender then contact the administration.

When rating threads if you intend leaving a rating lower than three, please also leave a note on the poem to indicate why you have rated it so low. The rating system is not to be used to operate vendettas or secretly insult people.

If a moderator steps in to halt a conversation they will post a warning in bold red font. This is a sign to stop whatever they have objected to and move on. Failure to do so will result in an infraction and may cause the thread to be locked.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in an infraction.

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